Sleeping In

While it would be inaccurate to say that Birdie’s Variety is defunct, it would be okay to describe it as sleeping in for the summer. But we should be re-stocked in time for Northern’s Holiday Sale in December. In the mean time, let’s age gracefully.

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Everything Is A Dollar

There was one mile of vintage, antique, garage sale and weird stuff stalls in Anacortes last weekend, but I spent almost all of my ten dollar budget at the Bull Terrier Club fundraising booth. Nearly everything was a dollar. But they didn’t have a bellows, so I bought one somewhere else.

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Baby Cauliflower

Happy Birthday, Mary. Always a party or a picnic.

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While Away December

If you like advent calendars, envelopes, stories about kings and muddy boys and/or cliffhangers, this might be for you.

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Goodbye Sun

Nice knowing you.

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The Moatkeeper

Illustration by Rhett Thomas Nelson. Used with permission.

I love advent calendars with their silent doors and the anticipation of discovering what lies behind them. I have written a children’s story and have worked with artist and illustrator Rhett Thomas Nelson to produce it in the form of an advent calendar. The Moatkeeper is the story of a muddy boy, a lost object and a found man. It is told in 24 parts, each short chapter in an envelope to open daily.

The Moatkeeper calendar will debut in Olympia, Wash., on Friday, October 4 at the studios at 607 5th Ave SE during Olympia’s Arts Walk. The exhibit will feature Rhett’s original pen and watercolor illustrations. Please wander by.

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Taking August Off

Our sale in Anacortes pretty much cleared us out of stock. So this summer, Birdie’s Variety is taking August off. Have a super duper summer!

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Birdie’s On Parade

Birdie’s Variety is going on tour! A small sale will be held at The Unknown #3, a mystical musical happening in Anacortes, Wash. The sale will occur on Saturday, July 20 at around 11:00 am. The address is 1202 7th St., Anacortes. This summer we are heading in the direction of Finnish stoneware, pots to cook fowl or wilt greens in, Heller in crazy quilt colors, and curious utensils. For more info on The Unknown, visit

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Runs In The Family

Dad was a Pierrot. I’m more of a Harlequin.

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